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Current Writers

Lori R. Cohen

Lori R. Cohen

Freelance Writer

Lori R. Cohen was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the geographical center of North America. After two years at the University of Winnipeg, she moved to Toronto complete her studies at York University, where she earned a double-honors B.A. in English and Creative Writing. A few years later she received her Masters Degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She worked her way through school at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Currently she lives in Montreal with her husband and two children. Her interests include reading (voraciously), travel, cooking, pets, and fiction writing. Her dream job would be doing on-site research for The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

Lori R. Cohen can be reached at lorircohen@eudoramail.com.

Lynn Drinkall

Lynn Drinkall

Freelance Writer

Lynn lives in Sydney Australia and has an Associative Diploma in Child Science. She has worked in the Child Care Industry for 16 year. For the last 10 years, Lynn has worked as Director of Preschools, and Long Day Care Centers catering for children from 6 weeks to 5 years.

She is now a stay-at-home Mum with her two-year-old-son, Sam. Lynn feels very fortunate to have this opportunity to watch her son grow and develop in his early years. As a stay-at-home Mum, Lynn has decided to branch out and begin a writing career. She is currently studying with the Australian College of Journalism, completing a Professional Children's Writing Course. Working on Childcare related articles, several manuscripts for children's picture books, and a humorous portrayal of her career in childcare, Lynn is kept very busy. Oh, and by the way, Lynn says she doesn't have a koala in the backyard or kangaroos hopping down the street.

Corinne McKay

Corinne McKay

Freelance Writer

Corinne McKay is a teacher and freelance writer living in Boston.  She has been employed in independent schools since 1993 and has an MA in French Literature and Culture; her writing has appeared in The Peterborough Transcript, The Boston Book Review, and Ag-E News. 

When not in the classroom or at the computer, she enjoys exploring the world with her husband, most recently on a one year trip through South Asia and Australia.  At home, Corinne enjoys outdoor adventures of all kinds in the mountains of New Hampshire, as well as vegetarian cooking, distance running, and playing the recorder.

She can be reached by e-mail at corinnemckay@hotmail.com.

Robert Rickover

Robert Rickover

Freelance Writer


Robert Rickover  is a teacher of the Alexander Technique living in Lincoln, Nebraska. He also teaches regularly in Toronto, Canada. Robert is the author of Fitness Without Stress - A Guide to the Alexander Technique and is the creator of The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique (www.alexandertechnique.com).

 You can find The Posture Guide at http://www.postureguide.com  and The Alexander Technique Bookstore at http://www.alexandertechnique.com/books.

Jeff Stimpson

Jeff Stimpson

Freelance Writer

Jeff Stimpson, 40, lives with his wife and two small sons in Manhattan. He maintains a site of essays, JeffsLife, at www.jeffslife.net  or http://jeffslife.tripod.com/HOME.HTM.

Ursula Vogt

Ursula Vogt 

Freelance Writer

Ursula Vogt is a parent with four kids ranging in age from 5 to 21.  She is a freelance writer with a background in communication and real estate and has traveled both sides of the parenting fence as part of the 9 to 5 work force and as stay-at-home parent. 

Find out more about Ursula at:  www.UrsulaVogt.com.

You can e-mail her anytime at UrsulaVogt@ursulavogt.com.

Valerie Russo

Valerie Russo

Freelance Writer

Valerie M. Russo is a writer, poet and graduate student. She was born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from the Hunter College of the City University of New York. Once awarded the Langston Hughes Award for Writing, she currently works as a Copy Editor in the ever-unfaltering City of New York.

You can reach her at:  covergerl@hotmail.com

Tricia Goss

Tricia Goss

Freelance Writer

Tricia Goss is a freelance writer living in Tucson, AZ with her 13 year-old daughter , 3 cocker spaniels, and sometimes her truck-driving husband.

She believes that her relationship with God and caring for her family are the most important things in life, and she is currently homeschooling her daughter.

You can email her at TriciaG@peoplepc.com.


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By Darlene Zagata

Darlene Zagata

Divorce Columnist & Pets for Children


Darlene Zagata is a freelance writer and poet. Her work has appeared in several publications both online and print. She is the editor of Thought Fragments, a poetry ezine for the new and emerging poet and The Write Way Ezine, a general interest online magazine. Born in Georgia, she currently resides with her family in Pennsylvania.




Nature Knowledge


Nature Trivia


By J.A. Mortenson

J.A. Mortenson

Nature Knowledge & Nature Trivia


J.A. Mortenson is originally from the Connecticut area, but she has also lived in New Jersey and Florida. She now resides with her two sons, ages six and eleven back in New England in Western Massachusetts.

Starting later in life, after her divorce, she decided to go back to school. She will be transferring to Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts to study developmental psychology and English with a minor in education.

She has been writing poetry and personal essays since the age of thirteen. Currently, she is working on a children’s story for pre-school age children, and also a fantasy book for pre-teens.

Her passions in life are her children, writing, school, nature, environmental issues, and her newly acquired love for running.

The stressors in her life are finding the time for all of the above, and to be the best at every one.

“As long as the sun continues to rise
I will continue to shine”- J.A. Mortenson

By D. Ann Graham

D. Ann Graham

Prime Time Parenting Columnist


D. Ann Graham is a freelance writer and novelist.  A regular columnist and feature writer for west coast magazines and newspapers, she has sold to such magazines as WOMAN'S WORLD, SEA Magazine, and CHICKADEE. She has a background in elementary education, and has done extensive work with troubled youth through state and local law enforcement agencies.  She has developed a successful behavior program for classroom management, and besides writing her weekly column PRIME TIME PARENTING for Child Care Magazine, is also the author of THE KIDNAPPING OF MARY, a novel for young adults.

She is married to a naturalist, and although they make their permanent home in Alaska, they spend many months out of the year in field studies. Their research is used for curriculum development of a program that incorporates behavior management with the natural sciences and fine arts. They have lived aboard sailboats to study the ocean, in the wilderness to study the mountains, and are founders of THE WILDERNESS SCHOOL, where they "take learning back to nature."

Deb Graham can be reached at Wildernesschool@aol.com.

By Sheri Karan

Sheri Karan

Day Care Providers Columnist

Sheri Karan is a family daycare provider located in Pennsylvania, and cares for six children; in addition to her own two children.  Children are the primary focus of her life, but writing is her passion.  Previously a staff writer of a local newspaper, and a student of media pursuing her degree, she is looking to combine her love of children with her passion for writing.

She is an aspiring children’s author, and also writes poetry and short stories.  Her dream is to help parents and caregivers better understand each other and forge a strong bond for the care of each child.

Sheri is the forum host for Learning, Sharing and Caring for children, (www.delphi.com/childcaring) and has a website dedicated to her home daycare, (www.geocities.com/hsfdc).  She is also dedicated to her own children’s education and is currently homeschooling both of her children. 

In her spare time, what precious moments there are, Sheri enjoys web design, biking, cooking, gardening and reading.  She has traveled in Europe, visiting Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, and Italy as part of an American choir.  She enjoys traveling to the beach in the winter, and also enjoys the fresh air of the mountains in the summer.

Sheri can be reached at: slk41@pa.adelphia.net.

By Christine L. Pollock

Christine L. Pollock

Music & Art in Child Care Columnist


Christine L. Pollock is a stay-at-home mother of three wonderful boys.  She has a BS in Elementary Education with minors in Keyboard (music) and Psychology.  Currently, Christine is a licensed home daycare provider and loves it!  She also does freelance writing.  For a few years now, she has written alumni newsletters for reunions at a local college and has had an article on colic accepted by At-Home Mother.  Christine is also a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature.  

In her free time, she loves to play the piano and she also enjoys learning about computers (computer repair and programming).  She loves to surf the Internet and visit child care forums.  Another favorite pastime is reading.  

Christine has written several children’s books and hopes to write full time when all her children are in school.  

If you have any questions or comments (especially favorable ones), please feel free to contact her at childcarewriter@hotmail.com. 

Business Cents


Child Care Start-ups


By Victoria L. Pietz

Victoria L. Pietz

Child Care Start-Ups Columnist (Past)

Business Cents Columnist (Present)

Victoria L. Pietz lives on a farm in Birnamwood, Wisconsin.  Yes, She is a cheese head!  She and her husband run a dairy farm and board horses. Victoria was a service sales manager in an automotive dealership and recently started substitute teaching.  It gives her more time for the important things in life, such as their little girl that took them 15 years of trying to have.  She was involved in a car and train accident and realized that life was too short.  Thankfully we all survived. 

She went to college at night for eleven years, while working full-time as a service manager.  Victoria acquired her bachelor of science degree in business management with a minor in marketing. She also has two associate degrees, one in small business management and one in accounting.  She runs a tax and bookkeeping business out of her home.  This is her eleventh year in business! 

When she is not working, she loves to write, read, crochet, sew, ride horses, cook and spend time enjoying life with her family and friends.

Victoria L. Pietz can be reached at ccv_1@msn.com.

By Emily Bridges & Audrey Gilger

Emily R. Bridges & Audrey Gilger

Nurses in Child Care Columnists


Emily R. Bridges

Emily R. Bridges.  Though her profession is nursing, her passion is mothering. Emily is a Freelance Writer and the Owner of a home-based preschool. Her writing endeavors include authorship of a preschool curriculum, a column encouraging creativity in local children, and award-winning writing in college. To wrap it up, she's the: Universal boo-boo kisser, happy-dancing tantrum-distracter, crayon-scribbling storywriter, cupcake-wielding class mother, and the mom that giggles hysterically at Disney’s latest movie.  

You can reach Emily at:   Emi1240@adelphia.net.

Audrey Gilger

Audrey resides in the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania nestled among the Amish farms and the busy cities.  Her profession is nursing, most extensively in pediatrics, but writing and being a mom are her greatest loves.

Her writings are diverse, from editorials for local newsletters, to short stories written for national church papers and poetry that is published in the National Library of Poetry.

First and foremost she has a love for children...her own and all others and wants to see the world a safer and better place for them all.

You can email Audrey at   lierka96@hotmail.com .

By Sharon Wren

Sharon Wren

Child Care Issues Columnist


Sharon Wren has been freelance writing for several years and recently made the jump into full-time freelancing.  She is the Managing Editor for Humor and Satire at Suite 101 and is also their Wildlife News and Humor Contributing Editor.  She is a regular columnist for the Laughter Loaf and is a guest columnist at Southern Angel.  She is also the Parenting Humor Wizard for www.WZ.com and recently published her first ebook, “Overworked & Underpaid”.  She is currently writing a parenting guide called “Dr. Spock Never Said It’d Be Like This” for www.Selfhelpguides.com.

Sharon lives with her husband, two son's Logan and Tyler, 5 daschunds, 2 cats and assorted geese, ducks and birds on an island on the Mississippi River.  She has another son, also known as Logan’s partner in crime, coming in September.  Her biggest accomplishment this spring was dealing with the river flooding, which left 4 inches of water in the basement for 6 weeks, and the snakes that seemed to come out of hiding only when she went downstairs to do laundry.  In spite of the excess water, she enjoys living on the river and is hoping no one gives her children a copy of “Huckleberry Finn” until they’re old enough not to want to raft down the Mississippi.

Sharon can be reached at swren1@msn.com.

By D.J. McCormick

D.J. McCormick

Gifted Children Columnist

DJ McCormick lives and works in east Texas. She is an educator with many years of experience. DJ McCormick has worked with children from infancy to high school. She currently teaches science at the local middle school. These experiences have enabled her to work with children who are gifted, in need of special education, and students who are learning English as a second language.

DJ McCormick also writes middle reader novels. Her focus is to teach children about the environment and the importance of its protection. Beyond fictional writing, DJ McCormick is also working on lesson plan guides for teachers. The focus of these books is to bring hands-on and discovery learning approaches into science classrooms. Emphasis is also placed on the integration of subjects.

DJ McCormick is an energetic and enthusiastic person. To find out more about her, or ask a question, please contact the magazine.

By Bernie Knox

Bernie Knox

Children with Disabilities Columnist


Bernie Knox is a freelance writer who reads the bible every day. She has written the text for a picture book that she calls, "When God Made Days." Bernie finds herself uncomfortable calling herself by her first name in a format such as this, and so she will call herself Mrs. Knox.

Mrs. Knox has one daughter, now a young woman with a son of her own. She also has two nephews who have become sons to her. She has begun to wonder whether, in her old age, she will insist that they were born from her own body. By old age, she does not mean next year, or anything.

Since the birth of her grandson, Mrs. Knox has begun to see herself as an ancestor, as well as a parent, sister, aunt, daughter, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. They can all be reached at

By Debbie Campbell

Debbie Campbell

Child Care Advice Columnist


Debra Campbell is the mother of 2 teenagers and has been in the child care field for 14 years.  She holds a National CDA Credential and is currently a center director. 

She loves writing poetry and silly songs and has been published in the American Treasury of Poetry.   Music and singing are two of her passions.   Since she was born a bluegrass Kentucky girl, country music is her favorite.  She now resides in sunny Florida .

By Patricia Son & Kris Williams

Patricia Son & Kris Williams

Grade School Activities Columnist


Patricia Son (Past)


Patricia Son hails from a small town just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan.  She has been in an executive management position for ten years.  During her career, she has done extensive corporate writing such as employee policies and procedures, job descriptions, and benefits handbooks.  Also, she has produced many resumes for job seekers from entry level to displaced executives.  When the high tech company she worked for closed their Michigan office, she began to look for ways to expand her freelance writing opportunities.   

She has been on both sides of the child care spectrum.   Patricia was in the childcare business for over four years and has also used childcare for 18 of the years she has been a parent. Patricia is a single parent of four children ranging from 9 to 23, all still living at home.  She is also the proud owner of two Golden Retrievers and is a Team Manager for a Destination Imagination team. 

You may reach her at son239061MI@comcast.net


Kris Williams (Present)

Editor of Child Care Magazine

(See below)

By Noreen Wyper

Noreen Wyper

Kitchenlab Kindermath Columnist


Noreen Wyper is a writer whose primary interest is to write educational columns and articles for parents and caregivers of young children. Her emphasis is upon the knowledge and skills their children need to develop by the end of the Kindergarten years. She also writes poetry and short, non-fiction stories based on her own true personal experiences. She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul" book, 2000.

Raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, Noreen attended Laurentian University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/ Environmental Studies. Later, she received a Bachelor of Education along with both a Primary Education Specialist and Dramatic Arts Specialist from Nipissing University. She is also a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut.

Before she retired, Noreen spent thirty-two years in Primary Education, privately tutored out of her home and instructed as an Associate Professor for Nipissing University.

Noreen is an active mother and grandmother who enjoys the country, beaches, walking, skating, cross-country skiing, reading and volunteering through her church. She has experienced some travel across Canada, Northern Europe, and the State of Michigan.

Noreen can be contacted at noriew@yahoo.com.

By Tracy Livingston


Tracy Livingston

Education In Child Care Columnist

Tracy Livingston is an educator on leave to pursue her writing career.  She has her master’s degree in education, and has had the opportunity to teach in the second and sixth grades.  She has also taught Kindergarten-Third grade as a specialist for those students acquiring English as their Second Language. At that time she also wore the hat of  "Title 1 Coordinator" for her school. 

In Tracy's new role, she is home for the first time and enjoying her writing, volunteer work at her son’s school and her newest passions yoga, Pilates and tennis.  She has one published work at this point in her career, it is a poem selected for an anthology book.  Her son and husband are very supportive of her writing and for this she is thankful. 

Tracy welcomes the opportunity to share my thoughts and knowledge of the field of education.  She can be reached at yogatennismama@hotmail.com

By Jenifer McCrea

Jenifer McCrea

Stay-at-Home-Parent Columnist

Jenifer McCrea is a lifelong writer who, after trying many different career-paths in corporate America, and taking an aptitude test, realized the only jobs she will enjoy are freelance writing, being a wife, and a Mother.

Having been a child and currently a woman, Jenifer is specifically interested in women’s and children’s issues. 

Jenifer grew up in New York State, Texas, and California. Currently residing near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, she is working through her cultural confusion and attempting to reconcile her New York attitude with Southern gentility.  

You can reach Jenifer at sjmccrea@bellsouth.net.

By Linden McNeilly

Linden McNeilly

Toddler and Teen Columnist

Linden McNeilly is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz in English Literature. She spent seven years doing marketing and editing for various public relations organizations before becoming an English teacher.

She has contributed to publications such as Porter Gulch Review, Coy Dog Review, the Santa Cruz Sentinel and is currently working on a regional column for the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the central coast of California with her husband, a high school administrator, and teenage son and two year old daughter. She works part time as a sixth grade teacher in order to maximize time with her children.

You can reach her at mcneilly@baymoon.com.

By Karen Davison

Karen Davison

Nutrition in Child Care

Karen Davison lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia and has worked as a registered dietitian for 11 years.  She provides nutrition counseling to adults and children with diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, cancer, cardiovascular disease, mental handicaps, mental illness, eating disorders, feeding tubes and swallowing difficulties.  Her educational background also includes a Master of Science Degree in Community Health and certification as a diabetes educator and health education specialist. 

Karen’s interests include swimming, reading, flying, traveling and writing.    She recently completed a book titled “Eating Disorders and Diabetes:  A Guide For The Health Professional” and has written a variety of nutrition education resources.  She also writes articles for The Diabetes Interview Magazine and Gastrostomy Support Network.

By Julia Black


Julia Black

Dealing with Difficulties Columnist

Julia Black was born and raised in California and moved to Tennessee in December 1999. She is a mother of two boys. Jonah, who is four and Gavin, who is going to be one April 2002. She has been married for 6 years to her husband Lance, a musician. They moved to Tennessee so Lance could pursue his career in music. (No, it is not country music!) Julia has worked in the Child care Industry for four years, until she quit to be a stay at home mom.

She has recently started pursuing a lifelong dream of writing. Her baby Gavin, had a heart transplant at the age of 6 months. Since her eyes have been opened to the world of the hospital, Julia wants to write to help people who might be in situations like hers. Other than writing (during that small window of opportunity when the baby is sleeping and Jonah is watching Scooby-Doo), Julia is a self-proclaimed health food nut who enjoys reading, working out, scrap booking, and going to garage sales. She loves practicing Yoga, and would love to be a Yoga Instructor someday.

You can reach Julia at julia.black@eudoramail.com.


By Julie Miller

Julie Miller

Behavior Management Columnist


Active in outdoor education and recreation for over 15 years, Julie Miller is now a part-time freelance writer.  She has worked with children of various ages and ability levels in organized camping and child care settings.  Along the way, she taught four years at the collegiate level, ran a sport camp for elementary aged children and adolescents, and worked at a Montessori school.

Currently, she resides in the greater Chicagoland area of Illinois.  Questions or comments should be sent to jmiller60031@yahoo.com.                      

By Heather Grant

Heather Grant

Activities for Preschoolers Columnist

Heather Grant was born and has lived in Colorado her whole life. She has been doing in- home childcare for five years and has worked as a part-time teacher’s aide at their local preschool.  

She has done extensive research over the years on the Core Knowledge Series and has just embarked on home schooling her own children.

She has three boys, ages 6, 4, and 3 months; a 10-year-old stepson and a 5-year-old stepdaughter. Heather comments, “I love to have a houseful of children!”

Heather enjoys woodworking and anything crafty. In her spare time she also enjoys writing or watching a movie with her husband.

You can reach her at brid25@hotmail.com.

By Anita York

Anita York

Homeschooling Columnist

Anita York has been homeschooling her four youngest children for the past 17 years. In addition, she teaches other homeschoolers at a resource center, and is a contracted Editor, Copyeditor, and Manuscript Screener for three different on-line publishers. She is also the Promotions Manager for the wonderful NovelAdvice.com writing site, and builds and manages the SF, Fantasy, and Romance Author Spotlights pages at SimeGen.com.

She and her husband are raising their children on five acres of the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where the family spends seven evenings a week at a local dairy while mom and dad milk the cows.

Her home business, EagleMountain Reading, Writing, and Research Services, provides a variety of services geared towards helping beginning as well as established authors with various aspects of the writing process.

By Alicia Adams

Alicia Adams

Software, Website, & Game Review Columnist


A former software instructor and current systems administrator, Alicia Adams has been working directly with computers for the past three years. She is also a freelance writer who has taken the buffet approach to her craft: she has written and published everything from product copy and radio commercials to poetry and even one celebrity interview. She is slowly making her way into the jungle of children’s publishing and hopes to set up permanent camp there.

Alicia lives in a small Ohio town with her very first husband, a son, a daughter, and a goldfish named Silver. She enjoys volunteering, traveling, and catching up on the latest episode of “SpongeBob SquarePants” with her children. She wakes up every morning cheered by the thought that the laundry somehow finished itself overnight and is currently working toward achieving one of her lifetime goals: interviewing her idol, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

You can contact Alicia Adams at: adams_alicia@hotmail.com.


By Kris Williams

Kris Williams

10 Best Lists (Child related ONLY!)


Kris is the Editor of Child Care Magazine, Alternative Ideas Magazine, Child Care Web Site, DataWorkZ, and Ebook Publishing. She is also a Domestic Engineer and Mom to four beautiful children. Also added to her list of titles are Author, Webmaster, Freelance Writer, and a now regular columnist here at CCM.


Kris loves to read, write, edit, create, and more. She runs many online sites and enjoys her role in each of them. She is often found singing a song, cleaning something, watching a children's video with her children, or other various activities with her children. Lots of smiles in this household!


You can contact her at KrisWilliams@DataWorkZ.com



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