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Featured Articles

Games People Play 

By Jeff Stimpson

Alex does enjoy his games with mom. One of her favorites is Pay Your Toll, in which she pins Alex between her two outstretched legs and insists he pay to get free...


Marketing Your Day Care

By Sandy Fleming

Are you looking for some fresh ideas to market your business? Maybe you are just starting out and looking for clients. Here are suggestions to get you on your way!


Children's Posture


By Robert Rickover

A few months ago I read about a man who was attending a baseball game with his wife. During a break in the game, a woman sitting behind him tapped him on the shoulder and said that she was a doctor and had noticed, a small dark spot on the back of his neck. "I'd have it looked at by your family physician," she said.




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Weekly Columns

By D. Ann Graham

Prime Time Parenting

Doing Things On Purpose

By Tracy Herigstad

Part-Time Poppins

Putting on Your Game Face

By Kris Williams

Grade School Activities


Online FREE Computer  Games 

By Darlene Zagata


Signs of A Cheating Spouse

By Christy Drake


Coming Next Week!

By Victoria L. Pietz

Business Cents!


Is That Person Really an Employee?

By Bernie Knox

Humor in Child Care

Coming Next Week!

By Darlene Zagata


Learning Together

By Katherine Moore

Toddlers on the Run

Terrible Twos?

By  Daphne Cain

Learning Spanish is Child's Play

Easy Ways to Introduce Spanish to Your Child

By D.J. McCormick

Gifted Children

Difficult Darlings

By Jenifer McCrea


Coming Next Week!

By Julie Miller

Behavior Management

The Importance of Routine  

By Katherine Moore

Pre-Teen Insight

Difficult People

By Dave Graham

Nature Knowledge

What Do You Expect?

By Darlene Zagata

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