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 Writer's Guidelines

Child Care Magazine is actively seeking article submissions from new and experienced writers; however, articles must pertain to the "Child Care" or parenting/children themes. Please see our Article Categories for an idea of our topics discussed, located in our Submission Stats section below. If you have a suggestion, please email us and we will consider adding it to our list. We want to be the most recommended and best quality Magazine on Child Care!

Currently we are a non-paying market; however, site revenue is just beginning for us. Once revenue flows in on a regular basis we will be able to begin paying our writer's. When we begin paying, we will begin with our current writer's FIRST! But, in order to get paid we require our writers to first sign up with PayPal. It's Free and you get $5.00 for signing up. Click here to be sent to the link. Once we become a paying market, if you have a PayPal Account, you will be paid each issue.

Remember to check out our sponsors as they are the one's funding our work. Sometimes a click through will help us out!

We hope you will consider writing for us and we thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

You must email us the Child Care Magazine Writer's Agreement, if you are interested in becoming one of our writer's. The writer's agreement must be signed and received, before we can publish any of our writer's article(s) or Bio online! 

For those who haven't sent in their Writer's Agreement, What are you waiting for? If you have a particular time being able to print our writers agreement, just let us know because we might just have a solution. For submission statistics, click here.


We are underway with our Ebooks! If you would like to participate in the Ebooks adventure, then you must get an account with PayPal. It's Free and you make $5.00 just for Sign Up (certain restrictions)! This is how we will be paying any revenues you have earned on your Ebooks (no exceptions), so sign up today! We are live with the Ebook Publishing site and we are accepting completed manuscripts for Ebooks or Special Reports! Get started today, it is really quite simple.

Email the Editor at:  EP@EbookPublishing.us

To Email us at Child Care Magazine, just click here: CCM@ChildCareMagazine.us


Kris Williams, Editor Child Care Magazine.



Our Affiliates & Friends:

We also enjoy helping writer's get started in Freelance writing as a way of saying Thanks! We have a few affiliations that are looking for beginner and experienced writers too! We post this information as a courtesy for you, the Freelance Writer, and are not to be held accountable or liable for any materials discussed or published/accepted/not accepted elsewhere.  

This is a great opportunity for the writer to get published in a variety of places and great exposure for your talent. All of these are non-paying at the moment; however things can change. 

We also have a short list of places you can apply to, to become an expert in your choice of fields. Become a content manager and you can earn money for your efforts. We are not sponsored by and we are not affiliated with all of the companies listed. 

Do you need a place to call home? Freelance Writers who need a place to have their own Writers Website hosted or designed should take a look here: Freelance Writers Websites.

Our list keeps growing! Good luck in all your writing ventures! We hope that in helping you, you will have greater exposure to the writing markets. And maybe you might just write for us!


Kris Williams, Editor-in-Chief Child Care Magazine



Paying Markets

Paying markets for Content Managers/ Experts. You must apply for these positions. Please visit each site to apply. Some sites will allow you to have more than 1 site that you are an expert or content manager of. Make sure you read all terms of Agreement and Guidelines before accepting any positions. Some require you to do a lot of work other than writing, such as monitoring the message boards, newsletters and more on specific deadlines (this can be very time consuming for the amount of pay).

Bella Online (last we heard it is under new management)
WZ-ard E-zines
About Expert


 Disney Magazine
DirectLeads Generates Real Results


Submission Stats: 

Article Length:     500-2500 words. Please contact us if you think you will be going over the article limit. If you do, we will suggest making it a 2 or 3 Part Series.

Column Length & Format:     350-3500 words. Please contact us if you think you will be going over the limit. Please see the formats of the columns. We can spilt up large pieces too. Keep the pieces to minimum of space, 1 space between items such as paragraphs and sentences. There are still Columns available!! Please submit your guidelines quickly to put the final claim on columns. We will not give out columns to those who do not submit their guidelines. Click Here for the list of Column Ideas and then use your Back button on your browser to return here!

Columnists:   Writer's who are columnists need to have to have their work done in a timely manner. We need all deadlines to be met, unless you let the Editor know why you can't make a particular deadline. This way we can get a filler or put the appropriate message in the blank column for our readers. If you choose to stop being a regular weekly columnist, we need 2-3 weeks notice so that we can try to replace you. Take a look at our list of subjects for an idea of what columns are available. If you are unsure of anything, just ask and if you need guidance on columns, please take a look at our present columnists as they have things down to a good pattern! If you require an email address for your column, please let the Editor know, because we have guidelines for this an we will require you to sign up with our FREE email service that can be found on the Get Interactive page. We do not publish the email address in your column unless there is good cause for it. Getting reader feedback will come to Child Care Magazine.  All links or books from the article need to be listed in a separate list at the bottom of the article titled "Resources" or "Links". This is for faster access for our readers to the links or ebooks you suggest. (The Editors do not have the time to do this for you every week).

Deadlines:     Deadlines are on every Thursday, anytime up till midnight! Each Issue is due out 2-3 weeks after the submission date on a Monday (Issues can take the Editor sometime, so please be patient). If you need an extension, please let the Editor know ahead of time! Each writer is responsible for getting their 3 column  submissions or freelance article submitted before or on time. Deadlines for the article being published are the Thursday 2-3 weeks before the Issue goes live; however, one can send in 4-5 articles ahead of time for the entire month if needed (for example, if you are going out of town). If sending more than one article, please make sure they are in a separate email for each article. Please title your subject heading also with the "date of the submission, CCM, and the column name or 'freelance'".

Bio Length:     250 words maximum, 2 links, and 1 contact email address. You may also send in a small photo of yourself to be embedded in your article and/or bio. All this is optional and you are responsible for your own Bio content. We do not suggest using home email addresses and we do not suggest listing your physical address. If you do not have an email account already, an excellent place to apply for one is www.Eudoramail.com. They have excellent filtering in place to get rid of spammers, flamers, and junk mail. Other accounts people may use are yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

Rules:     Articles, Tips, and all submissions must pertain to the theme of "Child Care".  The Editor is willing to help with ideas on stories, articles, or tips. If you have any questions,  please feel FREE to ask. No explicit remarks, swearing, foul language, pornography, and any of the like will not be tolerated or published. This also applies to all Bio's as well. No bad mouthing anyone or anything! We will NOT tolerate any plagiarized articles. Articles will be removed immediately and there are no exceptions to this rule!  

Submissions: They are to be embedded in an email, Word format, or txt format only at this time. Please put "CCMagazine" & "the submission date & Column name or 'freelance'"  in the subject line of the email. You will be contacted in less than two weeks about your submission. Sometimes Deb or Kris has been known to reply immediately! 

Article & Column Categories:  

Click Here for the list and then use your Back button on your browser to return here!

*** Please note that if you have an idea that is not mentioned in this category list, we will consider suggestions.***

Market:     Currently Non-paying for submissions.

Your Rights:     Limited. Article(s) are posted and archived indefinitely. Bio's are posted and archived with articles indefinitely. Articles may not be withdrawn; however, they can be submitted elsewhere as a reprint. You retain ownership of the article. 

Our Rights:     By submission of your signed agreement, you agree to give Child Care Magazine the limited right to publish and archive your article(s) and bio. We reserve the right to make grammar or title changes to make the article more attractive to our viewers by making these minor adjustments. We also reserve the right to refuse an article deemed inappropriate or mis-leading for our viewers. We also reserve the right to refuse any article for submission at any time for Child Care Magazine. We also will place article/column excerpts or the entire column/article in our Newsletter to attract more viewers. Long columns/articles will most likely be in excerpt portion only. Lists, Trivia and the like will be in whole format to be included.


Contact the Editors:    

D. Ann Graham, Editor


Jennifer Hollowell, Book Editor & Archive Editor   JHollowell@ChildCareMagazine.us

Kris Williams, Editor in Chief & Owner



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Here is a Child Care Parents Handbook designed for your child care center or home so that you can create a handbook for your parents with your rules and procedures. Highly Recommended!


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