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Our Awards:

Granted 7/6/2001


Granted 7/26/2001

Granted 9/3/2001

Granted 1/31/2002

Granted 4/16/2002



Granted 6/21/2002

Granted 7/3/2002

Granted 7/24/2002


Our Prestigious Awards that we give out:

This Award will be given to dedicated  Teachers and Teachers Personal sites that are recommended to Child Care Magazine. This Award is awarded many times of the course of a year. This is a coveted Award!

This Award is given to any site that is 100% child safe with quality content. This Award is given out many times during the year.


This Award is given to Day Care or Child Care websites. They can be provider or center oriented and can also be organizations dedicated to helping those in Child Care or Day Care. This is a coveted Award!


This Award is given to Family sites dedicated to improving the lives of Families and Children only. This Award is given to sites family oriented only! This is a Highly coveted Award and given to very FEW!


This Education Site Award is given to websites that are educational for children or parents. This is a Highly coveted Award and given to very FEW!


Introducing the 2002 Three Marshmallow Award! This award is given to special sites, special articles, or special talents hand picked by the Editor of Child Care Magazine.  This is a Highly Coveted Award and given to those who have exceptional Talent. 

Instructions for Awards being Granted:

Email Us at CCM@ChildCareMagazine.us  with a query about your site or a recommendation for a site. Please include which award you are seeking and the web site address. If you are recommending a site for an Award, please note this in the Query. Recommendations for sites that are not your own will be contacted  prior to approval or denial of an award. If you own the site, then please also state this.

Awards will come in two sizes. You will be free to choose which size, but accepting of the Award(s) mean that you will not change or alter the Award in any shape, way, or form. YOU MUST PROVIDE A LINK BACK TO CHILD CARE MAGAZINE hyperlinked with the Award!

We will contact you within 2 weeks, depending on our time constraints and accessibility. At that time a decision will be made and you will be given the status of approval or denial. If you are denied an award for any reason, you may request only ONE re-entry Query per site in a calendar year.

If you don't see and Award listed here, we will gladly take suggestions for Awards for the 2002 calendar year.

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