Child Care Magazine, Writers Agreement  

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The following is to serve as the writer's agreement between Child Care Magazine (Herein also referred to as CC Magazine),

      and contributing freelance writers.  This is to serve as a guide for submissions and acknowledgement of responsibilities.

Please  Read the following and if you are in agreement, print these pages and mail it to: 

                Child Care Magazine, P.O. Box 333, Bell, FL 32619.  

CC Magazine, which is, must have a copy of this agreement on file before accepting and

      publishing online any works from writers.

This agreement will hold for all articles submitted to Child Care Magazine, which is, for


Child Care Magazine, which is , reserves the right to deny any author or submitted article

      for any reason.

Under no circumstances will articles be accepted that contain adult content, questionable content, or are abusive, racist etc. Our policy is to

      remove any offensive article from the Magazine and will be done so on the sole discretion of the Editor.

After the initial run of the magazine all articles will be added to the site on a permanent basis and will not be removed under any

      circumstances, unless copyright infringement, offensive content, or plagiarism has occurred. 

Child Care Magazine, which is , will not hold the copyright for the works/articles, but only the

      permission of the author for publication.  The author is free to resale the article to other individuals, companies, etc.

CC Magazine publishes on a first rights electronic/internet/Magazine basis and occasionally accepts re-prints. Re-Prints must be stated as

      such and must have the following information supplied with the submission of the article: Original Title, Author, Date of first publication,

      Publication name.

CC Magazine, which is, agrees to place contact and biographical information on all authors

      within the magazine.  This is an advertisement tool available to writers. Writers can choose how much or how little is listed for their bio's

      in CC Magazine, however the bio's are limited to 250 words. You may include address and email address information; however,

      CC Magazine is not responsible for your personal information/content.

If the writer desires to have such biographical and contact information included, that information must be supplied to  CC Magazine, which is, at least 2 weeks before publication or so deemed by CC Magazine Editor or Publisher.

CC Magazine, which is, accept articles on a non-paying basis. The author will have his/her  name

      published with the article and his/her bio published in the Author's Bio's section of  the magazine. A 100-250 word bio is required from the

      Author prior to publication. 

The writer agrees that all articles submitted abide by the federal copyright laws and acknowledge that Child Care Magazine, which is, is not responsible for the content or legality of any submitted articles.

CC Magazine is the sole property of Child Care Magazine and

CC Magazine, which is, retains the right to alter this agreement at any time by providing a 30-day

      notice to writers.  The pay scale may not be altered unless it is to be increased.

CC Magazine Writers Agreement will serve as it stands regardless of physical address changes or downtime of the internet site that includes

      the Magazine.

CC Magazine may include more staff in the near future and with doing so, all Assistant Editors and other additional employees will be required

      to sign this and an agreement requiring them to keep personal and confidential information of any reader, employee, or writer strictly


Magazine Writers who have already signed this agreement for the year 2002, prior to this Agreement change of May 20, 2002, will be automatically

      included in this updated Agreement. So there will not be a need to re-sign or re-mail  the Agreement as you have previously signed Agreement will still be in force.

      You will be notified by email of this Agreement change and will be required to send an email stating that you accept the NEW change(s) will

       be all that is required at this time.    


If you are in agreement with the terms within this web page, sign below and forward to Child Care Magazine by snail mail. Please mail to:

                                Child Care Magazine, P.O. Box 333, Bell, FL 32619.


Print Full Name_________________________________Signature_____________________________________Date____________

Email Address____________________________________________________________________________________

Full Mailing Address_________________________________________________________________Phone___________________

Writing Alias:______________________________________________________________________________________________


Child Care Magazine Representative_____________________Signature__________________________________Date__________

Please Note: Your contact details will not be given out or sold to any other party. Your information will be kept confidential. Use of your email address will be used in all of

our Email notification from the Editor and Newsletters for the magazine. The only email address the public will have is if you provide one in your column or in your Bio.


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